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Posted: 17-Mar-2011 08:17:40 AM
Company Information:
United States of America
Deceptive and Fraudulant Trade Practices
Well what can I say as the rest of you haven't already stated in your complaints. To sum it up I would advise to stay away from this company and its affiliates. Not only are their practices deceptive but also fraudulent as well. I purchased a case of Arnica gel for my business and several incenses bundles. The ordered was processed on 3-7-11 and was suppose to be shipped out that day. The notes clearly indicated that the shipment was sent out 3-7-11 yet I did not receive shipping confirmation as they so claimed by email. A week later I become increasingly concerned since I did not have items in hand. I tried to contact them by their 1800 customer service number. To no avail the CSR's refused or failed to give me shipping information on my ordered and so I was forced to comply with sending a email through their automated email system. Not only was this a joke since no one bothered to answer but was a waste of time. Two days of waiting from 3-13 to 3-15 (excluding Sunday). I sent in another request on the 15th in the evening. Even though it states that someone will respond to your email in one service day. I decided no one was going to get back to me so I called their 1800 number again. The first CSR stated she didn"t have information on the order and to use the email system. I expressed I wanted to speak to a manager or supervisor she said she would take down my number and that someone should call back in ten to fifteen minutes if not might be within the next day. Every time I asked for a supervisor I was told that they were in a meeting or unavailable. After being lead around on a leash I decided to do search for an alternate number for Also they are a affiliate of I also found a lot of complainants from this web site as well. I thought to myself great, now here comes the hassle. I found several other numbers but same prompts to go to the email system. I had enough waited for a csr to answer then demanded a manager to speak with. She asked me what my problem was and I told her twice what it was. She was very patronizing in her tone and extremely rude how she addressed my concerns. She told me I didn't need a manager to give out shipping information that was a CSR's job. I told her well you need to do your job then don't you? Also since I sent in a second request on the 15th via email on the status of my order my email got moved to the bottom of the pile for review. She complained that she had 24 pages of emails to go through. I told it wasn't my problem and that she and others needed to do their job effectively. Apparently she did not like that response and got irate. She informed me that my shipment was still at the warehouse and it had not been shipped at all. So what she was telling me that my package was awaiting shipment for nearly 8 days? I told her how much longer was I going to wait on my order since after I already paid for it. She said she didn't know. I told her this was inexcusable and I wanted to cancel my order. The CSR stated that since my order was processed and shipped to the warehouse I could not cancel my order. I was like yes you can and will let me speak to a manager or supervisor. The CSR claimed she would send me out a shipping confirmation via email when she researched why the package was not sent out. She continued to argue with me and I told her there was no point in arguing to simply send me to a manager. I got a supervisors voice mail and have yet to hear from that manager but did receive a email from a tatiana AT though.